Getting Started!

Please make sure you have read over the One Year Program description. If you are interested in the program please read and follow the steps below.

Step 1: Complete the Transcript Review Form HERE.

You will need to have a PDF copy of your college transcript available to upload with your form. Once the form is submitted and reviewed you will receive an email listing any pre-requisite classes you still need to be considered for the program. You will also receive a copy of the FORMAL APPLICATION PACKET.

Step 2: Schedule any remaining pre requisite classes you still need.

If there are any pre-requisite classes you still require, make a schedule to complete those classes. The required pre requisite classes may be taken online with IUD or at any other accredited school that offers them. If you take them at another school and would like to make sure the classes will transfer you may send a course description to for pre-approval.

Step 3: Complete the Formal Application Packet and submit by the Deadline.

Once you have your pre-requisite course schedule compete and know when you will finish all remaining pre-requisite classes, complete the Formal Application Packet and submit it by the deadline of your desired start date (See Program Deadlines Here). If you are applying as a Distance Student make sure to include your Clinical Site Preference form with your formal application.

Applicants are encouraged to send in non-times sensitive application items in as early as possible. Items may be sent individually or as a whole packet. All items must be in by the program deadline for a file to be considered “complete”. Missing a deadline DOES NOT necessarily mean an applicant cannot be accept for a specific start date, only that all “completed files” will be considered first.

If you have any questions contact Micah Gill at or 251-621-8668 ext.